What is Fatbuildr?

Fatbuildr is a fully-featured continuous delivery solution for GNU/Linux software environment. It builds software artifacts (ex: rpm/deb packages, containers) by following instructions described in user-provided artifact definitions.

Fatbuildr manages all the complexity of secured software distribution:

  • Publication of artifacts in standards registries (ex: APT/DNF repositories)

  • Digital signatures of artifacts with secured cryptographic keys

  • Automatic removal of deprecated artifacts

  • Clean and updated build environments

  • Support of multiple hardware architectures (ex: ARM, x86_64)

Fatbuildr can help organizations to:

  • Maintain a set of sofware artifacts with high-level of quality and consistency

  • Fully-adopt the best integration guidelines defined by the Linux distribution community

  • Control and manage software dependencies for all targeted environments

  • Check software compatibility with supported environments

  • Get reproducible builds

Fatbuildr uses multiple components architecture to provide both a command-line interface (CLI) and a web interface. It also provides a secure REST API for integration with other tools.

It integrates the best-in-class tools developed by the free software community to manage Linux based build environments (ex: cowbuilder, mock) with help of Linux containers.

All the operations are realized in the form of generic tasks. Tasks can perform various set of actions involved in software distribution (ex: build artifact, update build environment, create signing key, etc). All tasks operations are recorded and saved centrally for the purposes of accounting and observability.

One installation of Fatbuildr can support multiples instances in parallel. Each instance has its own set of build pipelines, keyring, registries, tasks, etc. It makes easy to define independent setups for developement, staging or production.

Fatbuildr currently supports the following artifacts formats:

  • RPM packages

  • Deb packages

  • OSI images

The software is fully modular and extensible, more supported formats can be easily added.

Fatbuildr is designed to run in environments of all sizes, from developers' laptop to test local builds, to high-grade entreprise on-premise servers for centralized builds of a large developers team distributing software for large scale IT infrastructure.

Discover other advanced features or read the quickstart guide for installation notes.