Local vs remote features

Some features are not available when using fatbuildrctl with a remote Fatbuildr instance through the HTTP REST API, compared to a local Fatbuildr instance through D-Bus. The differences are represented in this table:

Features Local D-Bus HTTP REST API

List running and pending tasks

List task history

Build artifact

Watch artifact build

Interactive artifact build

List registries content

Delete artifact in registries

Create build container images

Update build container images

Open interactive shell in build container images

Create build environments

Update build environments

Open interactive shell in build environments

Generate JWT token for authentication on HTTP REST API

Purge tasks workspaces history

Create keyring

Renew keyring

Show keyring information

Export keyring in armored format

This table represents the current state of Fatbuildr with HTTP REST API but it is not the targeted state, it is intended to evolve in future releases. If you miss any particular feature in fatbuildrctl with HTTP instance, please open an issue.